All Good Things...

To our most amazing myStory Customers.

It is with a feeling of sadness that we need to let you all know that at the end of this year myStory will be printing it’s last books as we close the doors on a journey that started over 10 years ago.

In early 2013 were all shocked with the news that Creative Memories was closing and what that meant for all of us.  Countless days had been put into creating digital projects that would never be printed.  As the news sunk in we were contacted by a number of consultants asking for help to print storybooks and calendars that would never otherwise be seen or their story told… and so myStory was born.

It took a lot of hard work and many many late nights but on 19th June 2013 myStory was launched when we took our first order.

Over the years you have all been fantastic with your heartfelt messages of support and appreciation, we have enjoyed reading them all and have kept many of them to remind us of why we started this.

However we’ve reached a time where the myStory Designer software needs a major update to be able to continue and we’ve looked at various options and none of them were viable so at the end of this year we will be sadly closing down.

There is some good news - in true myStory fashion we want to go out they same way we started - with a bang to say thank you - so from now until we close on the 31 Dec all books and calendars are 40% off.  In additional all templates on the website will be just $1.

We will miss you all and thank you again for being with us over the last 10 years.


Geoff, Matt, Scott, Deirdre and Lisa.

The myStory team 2013-2023

Quick Questions Answered:


What is the discount offer ?

40% Discount is a single flat discount across all books and calendars and replaces any other discount option.  You can use this discount on new projects or to reprint an existing book you may have printed in the past.

Free templates are still free - all other templates are $1.


When will you be accepting last orders?

Last orders will be accepted at mid night on 31 December 2023.


What can I do to continue Digital Scrapbooking ?

If you enjoy using the myStory interface then you might consider using Artisan from Forever.  It is from the same software base as myStory so will have a familiar interface.  You should be able to open all your myStory projects and also use some of the digital content.  It is not free software however they do offer a 30 day free trial so it is worth looking at this option.