myStory Designer Tutorials

We've listed a few 'How to...' documents that you may find helpful.

How to get started...

Download myStory Designer - download pdf (235kb)

Install myStory Designer - download pdf (263kb)

Download Digital Content - download pdf (452kb)

Import Digital Content - download pdf (276kb)

How to create...

Create a myStory Photo Book - download pdf (527kb)

Create a myStory Photo Block - download pdf (708kb)

Create a myStory Desk Calendar - download pdf (467kb)

Create a myStory Ceramic Tile - download pdf (618kb)

Create a myStory Mini Canvas - download pdf (637kb)

How to order a project...

Upload your project for printing - download pdf (324kb)

Place your myStory printed product order - download pdf (318kb)

How to get pages as image files...

myStory page image files - download pdf (436kb)

How to get organised...

Moving your digital content - download pdf (479kb)

Changing the month on a Calendar grid - download pdf (187kb)